VN Tech is a leading distributor of hydrogen fuel cells that satisfy the telecommunication industry standard to provide back-up power to operate data centers and remotely located infrastructure equipment during periods where primary electrical transmission is interrupted for any reason.


~ VN Tech had no operations during 2013 and the Company is unaware of any progress in development of national standards and specifications for the use of hydrogen fuel cells in the telecommunications industry in the PRC. However, based on the scope of expansion of BTS and other cellular and wireless broadband sites where the use of back-up power is common and hydrogen fuel cell technology is economically and environmentally attractive, it
remains possible that VN Tech will have operations in the future.

~ China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology grants approval of VN Tech’s hydrogen fuel cells for use in telecommunications base stations

~ China Mobile and China Telecom approve VN Tech to conduct trial test sites in Heilongjiang/Harbin (China Mobile), Guangzhou and Beijing (China Telecom)

~ VelaTel has completed its initial round of test trials commissioned by China Mobile Limited

~ China Mobile has submitted a comprehensive report of the test trial results to key ministries of China’s Central Government

~ China Telecom Corporation has also commissioned VN Tech to construct trial test sites in Beijing on its behalf