CMMobile,, is the leading mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in Hong Kong, with more than 100,000 customers.  CMMobile was the first company in Hong Kong to offer customers a single SIM chip with dual number capability for use in either Hong Kong or China, and is the longest running MVNO in Hong Kong, operating since 2001.

As an MVNO, CMMobile partners with leading mobile carriers in the Asia Pacific region to provide mobile wireless network services to retail customers.  CMMobile is a “thick ” MVNO which means the company uses its own Network Operations Center (NOC), billing support systems, customer service, 24/7 call center and direct sales personnel.  CMMobile’s business model focuses on frequent travelers who conduct cross-border business between Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore and mainland China.  This allows CMMobile’s customers to have a point of presence in these areas; the added benefit of having a local number in each desired country allows local contacts to reach to CMMobile’s customers without making high priced long distance calls.  CMMobile offers both prepaid and post paid plans, which provides customers incredible savings whether they travel once or several times in a year. CMMobile also offers Incoming Prepaid SIM Chips that give customers traveling to the Asia Pacific region from other parts of the world the ability to save up to 75% off typical international roaming charges while keeping their same number (where available).

The core competence of CMMobile is the company’s ability to offer a great service with very useful Value Added Services, all while slashing typical international roaming rates. 

Value Added Services:

~ Multiple IMSI’s and numbers on single SIM chip.
   - All numbers are able to receive calls even though one number is active at a given time.
~ SMS texting from multiple numbers.
~ Long distance calls at local rates.
~ Vast distribution networks for easy purchasing and recharging.
~ Business and family bundling on Post Paid Plans.
~ In house 24/7 Customer Care in 4 languages.
~ Concierge and Answering services.

CMMobile furthers several of VelaTel’s long term strategic goals.  First, CMMobile’s access to wholesale voice and data services using the wireless network resources of incumbent Tier 1 carriers will allow VelaTel to begin deployment of its projects in mainland China with a fraction of the capital expenditures originally budgeted.  Second, CMMobile’s experience and personnel in sales and marketing, customer service and billing solutions provides a platform to serve VelaTel’s wireless broadband and voice networks worldwide.  VelaTel plans to continue growing CMMobile’s no roaming “home” networks across the Asia Pacific region and to bring to other high traffic international border traffic regions like in the Americas, traffic between the United States, Canada and Mexico.


~ CMMobile has signed Cooperation Agreement with StarHub

    - Phase 1 will expand services into Singapore.
    - Phase 2 will include linking on each other’s NOCs and cross branding of synergized products and services to all customers in the Asia Pacific region.

~ CMMobile upgrades its core to 4G LTE.

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