George Alvarez, Chief Executive Officer and Director

George Alvarez was appointed a Director in March 2008 and Chief Executive Officer in June 2008. He was Chief Executive Officer of Trussnet Delaware, an architecture, engineering and construction management firm, from 2004 until December 2007 and was Co-Founder of VelociTel, Inc., VelociTel, LLC and their predecessor companies in the wireless network service industry ("VelociTel"). Mr. Alvarez served as VelociTel's President and Chief Operating Officer from 1987 to 2002. He graduated with honors from Airco Technical Institute in Fullerton, California. Mr. Alvarez provides expertise in all aspects of the design, deployment and operation of broadband wireless telecommunications networks.

Colin Tay Yong Lee, President and Director

Colin Tay Yong Lee was appointed a Director and President in June 2008. He also is the sole owner and director of Trussnet Capital Partners (HK) Ltd. From 1992-2009, Mr. Tay was the Chief Executive Officer of Trussnet ADC Co. Inc. This company provides engineering and construction services for commercial buildings, hotels, manufacturing facilities, and telecommunications infrastructure. From 1986 to 1992, Mr. Tay was with YKK Architectural Products Pte. Co. Ltd., of Singapore, and YKK Taiwan Co., Ltd., first as a Quantity Surveyor and then as Manager of the Architectural Products Division. Prior to joining YKK, Mr. Tay was a Quantity Surveyor with Hyundai Engineering & Construction, part of the worldwide Hyundai organization. Mr. Tay received his Tertiary Diploma in Building from Singapore Polytechnic in 1984, professional accreditations from the Singapore Institute of Building in 1998 and a professional designation from the Chartered Institute of Building (United Kingdom) in 2000. Mr.Tay provides expertise in conducting business in China and the deployment and operation of broadband wireless telecommunications networks and related facilities

Carlos Trujillo, Chief Financial Officer

Carlos A. Trujillo was appointed Chief Financial Officer in June 2008. Mr. Trujillo has worked as the chief financial officer for both public and private corporations. His responsibilities include planning, organizing and managing the activities related to finance and accounting. He is responsible for the SEC regulatory reporting, related reports and compliance with policies and procedures, including consolidation of multi-entity organizations, foreign and domestic. He has performed financial analysis for projections, forecast and financial models. He communicates with the Company's shareholders and lenders to provide reports and pro forma financial information. He has primary responsibility for coordinating the Company's information relating to all financial and tax matters with outside auditors. Mr. Trujillo received his B.A. Degree in Accounting from California State University at Fullerton in 1982 and is a certified public accountant licensed by the State of California. With over twenty-seven years of experience in accounting and finance, Mr. Trujillo has experience in numerous areas, particularly in construction and real estate development.