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Amended Loan Agreement with AQT, LLC

Posted on Dec 18 13

On December 13, 2013, VelaTel entered into an Amended Loan Agreement with AQT, LLC.  In addition to $600,000 AQT had loaned VelaTel in August 2013 to pay an installment then due...


CMMobile Upgrades to 4G LTE

Posted on Dec 9 13

December 09, 2013: VelaTel Global Communications announces that its wholly owned subsidiary in Hong Kong, China Motion Telecom (HK) Limited (“CMMobile”), has entered into a...


CMMobile Arbitration Resolved

Posted on Oct 28 13

On October 28, 2013, VelaTel Global Communications, Inc. settled its arbitration with China Motion Holdings Limited. VelaTel refinanced its unpaid balance of the purchase price...